Goodbye (For Now…) From Student Planners Tom and Rosie

Tom stands on the left behind some green plants, Rosie stands on the left in front of a path next to the River Tyne and is leaning against a railing. A sticker is in the front of the image saying 'good luck!'

Tom and Rosie have truly been an exceptional addition to our team at EP during their year in industry as student planners. Their dedication, creativity, and hard work have brought immense value to the team and have greatly contributed to the success of various projects. Throughout their time with us as student planners, they have consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. As they prepare to return to their studies in September, we extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for their continued success. The best part is that we are already looking forward to having them back with us on a part-time basis after a well-deserved summer break!

We asked them both how they have found their placement, what they have been involved with and what they’re taking away from their time with us.

Tom – “The experiences I have had within my placement have been invaluable and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ethical Partnership. I have been able to explore different sectors of planning through my work on an array of projects, including those relating to infrastructure, renewable energy, and outstanding residential properties. Working on such a varied set of projects has allowed me to broaden my understanding of planning and improved my professional judgement.

The work that I have been involved in has equipped me with an abundance of skills which I can now take away and utilise during my final year at university. I look forward to transferring my newly acquired skills to my modules and assignments going forward. I could not have asked to work alongside a better team and I am especially grateful for all the support that they have provided me with. With this support, I was able to lead on projects and increase my responsibility as my placement progressed, this expanded my planning knowledge and allowed me to grow in confidence. Thank you EP!

Rosie – “I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I started my placement at Ethical Partnership, its flown by! Over the past year, I’ve been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and for a range of clients, which has greatly developed my overall planning skills. I have particularly enjoyed working on Paragraph 80(e) dwellings and sustainable energy schemes, with these both being areas I’d be interested in working on again in the future.

I feel the knowledge and skills I have gained from working with the company over the past year will also be an advantage when returning to my studies for the final year of my MPlan degree. My work has given me a stronger understanding of the planning process and the role of an ethically-driven consultant. Additionally, I believe that experiencing planning in practice has also developed my passion for urban planning, which will reflect in my university work. 

Furthermore, Ethical Partnership has given me the opportunity work with an amazing team, who have made me feel welcomed and supported throughout my year in industry; I look forward to returning to the company part-time in September!

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