Inspiring Career Exploration in Construction with NAWIC

Alannah Mathewson (nee Healey), chartered planner within our team, recently spent the morning with the National Association of Women in Construction at Ashington College at a career event focusing on construction and the built environment.

The focus of the morning was the ‘Design and Build’ challenge, an innovative and engaging initiative that involved constructing structures using the timeless medium of LEGO! This task, although seemingly simple, was packed with value for the students. The challenge aimed to engage with creativity and design, with the promise of recognition for the most creative and meticulously planned structure.

This multifaceted challenge was carefully designed to mirror the different roles that professionals encounter within the construction industry, from architects and designers to project managers and financial analysts.

In addition to the hands-on LEGO challenge, the students were treated to a series of insightful talks on various career options within the construction and built environment sector. This exposure to real-world insights and experiences highlighted the variety of professions available, providing them with valuable perspectives on potential career paths.

This unique and dynamic morning served as an invaluable opportunity to ignite the spark of curiosity and inspiration within these young individuals. It shed light on the diverse and rewarding career pathways within the construction and built environment industry, encouraging them to consider this field as a promising and fulfilling career option. The medium of choice, LEGO, proved to be an engaging and ageless tool that resonated with everyone, demonstrating that learning knows no bounds!

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