Stakeholder and Community Engagement within Planning

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The incorporation of community and stakeholder engagement within the planning process is indispensable. Engagement is not just a procedural formality but is an important mechanism that aids in the efficiency, effectiveness and eventual success of development projects. 

Central to impactful development is the community – those directly affected, or perceived to be affected, by planning outcomes. Their intrinsic local knowledge and experiential understanding of the area provides valuable insight. We have expert knowledge and experience in engaging with local communities and stakeholders to ensure that their concerns, aspirations and perspectives inform and supporting planning development. By pre-emptively identifying and addressing potential issues, it aids in mitigating opposition and circumventing procedural delays, enhancing the efficiency of the planning process. 

From leveraging digital platforms for broad-based participation to more traditional in-person engagement, we acknowledge the criticality of engagement within the planning process and we can tailor engagement strategies to each project’s unique context. We are committed to ensuring that details about proposals are readily accessible, inviting active feedback and participation from all community groups and individuals, whilst articulating the benefits of developments in understandable and relatable terms. Demystifying the planning process in this way aids in ensuring positive outcomes for both local communities and developers. 

Our dedication to community and stakeholder engagement goes beyond the preliminary planning stages, advocating for a sustained dialogue throughout the development lifecycle and beyond. This aims to ensure the seamless integration of new developments within the existing community. 

Interested in community and stakeholder engagement and how to best incorporate it into the planning process for your development projects? Contact us to find out more.

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