EP Endorse RTPI’s ‘Planifesto 2024’

As the General Election on 4th July approaches, we at EP fully endorse the critical message from the Chief Executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) – The housing crisis and planning system have been central topics in political discussions, and this election represents a pivotal moment for addressing these issues.

The RTPI’s ‘Planifesto 2024’ outlines vital priorities for political parties, urging support for planners to unlock the economic, social, and environmental potential of planning in the UK. The key calls to action include increased funding for councils to enhance planning services, clear delivery of manifesto promises, strengthened local plans to empower communities, collaborative efforts with local leaders to prevent piecemeal development, and ambitious plans aimed at achieving net-zero emissions.

We recognise that these steps are essential for improving the cost of living, creating better pathways to homeownership, and driving the promised and much-needed economic and environmental transformations. As the largest professional body for town planners in the UK, the RTPI’s advocacy ensures that the voices of planning professionals are heard.

At EP, we are similarly committed with the RTPI’s plan and vision. We support these ambitious steps towards a better-planned future and will continue to advocate for policies that benefit our communities and the planning profession.

“As a business, we are committed to being at the forefront of addressing the housing crisis. We aim to create high-quality homes and develop areas that are easily accessible by public transport. With the opportunities that may arise following the general election, we are poised to lead in developing vibrant, connected communities.”

Matthew Creedy MRTPI, Director

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