Alec’s Last Day: Reflecting on his Experience in Planning

a picture of Alec, wearing a nice suit and tie, which is in front of a background of houses and trees

Today is Alec’s final day with us at EP before he heads back to finish his planning degree at Newcastle University in September. We’ve had a great year with Alec as part of his year in industry, and Alec has shared some thoughts about his experience here with us too.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Alec: “Working on a wide variety of projects here has been eye-opening. At university, it’s all about theory, but here, you actually see how the world of planning works in practice. It’s been great to see real-world outcomes affected by my work, like with regionally important infrastructure projects that I have been working on since I started. Seeing the work progressing as I pass by is a fantastic feeling.”

From Start to Finish

Alec: “Working with Peter on a project involving Change of Use has been a highlight. I got involved from when I joined back in August, and followed it through to (almost) the finish. Seeing the whole process, from initial work with the client to them returning for more projects, really showed me the importance of networking and building contacts. Plus, responding to comments from neighbours and being involved in every step has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience.”

Exploring Different Projects

Alec: “Helping out with such a variety of projects has been amazing. Being part of a small organisation means I got to experience a lot. I’ve learned so much about the whole planning world, not just in the North East but also in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a bit of a shock three months in when I had to work on a project that was based in Scotland where they have different planning policies, but jumping in at the deep end was a great learning experience.”

Planning in the Private Sector

Alec: “It’s been nice to be on the other side of planning, where you’re submitting for the client. A big part of why I came to EP was to get experience on the private side of the sector. Working with clients has been very important, and I’m happy I had the chance to do it here!”

Alec, it’s been fantastic having you with us over the past year. Your contributions have been invaluable, and we’re excited to see where your journey takes you next. Good luck with your degree, and we hope to see you again soon.

Enjoy your summer, Alec!

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