Will Laing MRTPI

Senior Chartered Planner

email: will@ethicalpartnership.co.uk

phone: 07561 427784

Will is based in our Newcastle office.

Will is a Senior Chartered Town Planner with over 14 years of experience in managing complex planning applications and appeals, including Public Inquiry, for a wide range of sectors, including housing, heritage, retail, commercial, rail infrastructure, education, health, minerals & waste and renewable energy. He graduated from Newcastle University with a BA and Post-Graduate Diploma in Town Planning.

Having recently joined EP from Capita Local Government Services, Will brings a wealth of experience in the processing and determining of planning applications for EIA development and other large-scale and complex development. Will is a strategic and lateral thinker who always seeks to identify and successfully manage risk. He is a politically experienced tactician, fully versed in the planning process.

Will finding innovative solutions and thinking outside of the box to achieve client successes. He enjoys keeping on top of planning policy and wider policy to better understand the system, learning how to apply any changes at pace across his work. 

“I used to regularly play ice hockey and rugby union in my spare time, even enjoying lifting some silverware in a charity tournament or two! After undergoing dialysis treatment, I have had to step back from collision sports, and I have been seeking fresh fresh challenges. I have picked up a few new, if less physically demanding, hobbies. I can now be found around any table-top game, often collecting an unreasonable amount of dice, or enthusiastically (bordering on recklessly) wielding an airbrush!

When it comes to these games, I enjoy a casual game and enjoy the social aspect of playing the game and narrative storey dwelling and developing a range of previously hidden artistic talents for miniature painting.” 

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